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The AI Tech doll is a brand of robotic AI-enabled sex dolls made by Shenzhen All Intelligent Technology Co--a cutting-edge high-tech enterprise based in Shenzhen, China. Founded in 2013, it also makes other life-like robots, such as receptionists. AI Tech takes a great deal of time to develop their dolls. They released their AI sex doll Emma in 2017 after starting development back in 2013. Now, the company has rolled out a new modified TPE material they call M-TPE, which simulates skin better than regular TPE. Plus, they're working on advancing the smart technology inside their dolls for future models.

AI Tech's new technology sex dolls comply with the highest American and European safety standards. Their sex robots feature motors for their eyelids, eyeballs, lips and neck so they can move independently. They feature audio intelligence technology for chatting and moaning. The bodies can heat to 98.6 degress F for a human feel. AI Tech's sex robots can talk with you about anything you want. Featuring deep learning AI technology, they learn from you the more you talk with them. They can wink, smile and move their lips in realistic accordance with words.

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